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We believe that everything we teach on the mat, must have the ability to be converted to the self-preservation arena. The way we teach our combat athletic base (often referred to as the ‘sport base’) always considers it’s application in real world interpersonal violence.


Rodney often uses the analogy of a 4X4 Range Rover in describing his approach to modern martial arts. A Range Rover can travel on ‘every day’ suburban streets. In fact, for the vast majority of Range Rover drivers, they will never go off-road. It’s in other words your everyday commute. But, and crucially, if  an ‘everyday’ Range Rover driver ever wanted too, or had to go off road, they know they have the capability to do so (of course it will take some training). All it takes is a few buttons pressed and they good to go.

So is it the same for Rodney’s approach to modern martial arts. The vast majority of students could be considered as ‘everyday martial arts drivers’. They may not be at the ‘Range Rover 4X4 level’ yet, but they are working hard to upgrade their fight experience to that level. But even when they have achieved that level, it still becomes their everyday commute. In other words their combat athletic based is what they train weekly, monthly, and yearly. Along the way, students are coached on how to use that combat athletically based vehicle to go off road. In other words, how to apply that vehicle to self-preservation. Crucially, Rodney’s martial delivery system is always at the intersection between combat athletic training (i.e. the everyday commute) and self-preservation (i.e. going off road). Most importantly though, just like the Range Rover, Rodney’s modern martial arts programs always have the capability via a few tweaks, to go ‘off road’ into self-preservation if and when needed.


As Rodney’s notes,

“I personally feel it is unrealistic to ask someone to only train for the inevitable experience of having to save their life. It’s simply unsustainable. It is an absolutely important skill don’t get me wrong, but for most of us, it’s unrealistic to be constantly going ‘off road’. We also don’t always need to be either. A person can still enjoy the experience of the commute, the drive of the vehicle without having to jump pavements all the time. There’s nothing like the long open road of a martial arts journey. But, and if, suddenly an obstacle veers into our path, and we need to go ‘off road’ to deal with it, we can, we should and my students in  my various programs  know how too. This is what it is meant when I refer to a combat athletically based self-preservation approach.”


  • I am a regular Joe and I can honestly say that ANYBODY can learn from Rodney’s programs. That’s why I buy all his products and tune in everyday to the website. I have never come across a better trainer than Rodney and the CMD program. CMD for life baby!!!

    Gene Drake
    Gene Drake
    Fairmont, USA
  • Attending Rodney’s Crazy Monkey is like going to another level in fighting and boxing. Rodney has showed and proved that success never comes easy only through hard work and discipline. Kudos to Rodney and his amazing Crazy Monkey Defense.

    Benjamin Liu
    Benjamin Liu
  • The CMD program impressed me because of it´s simplicity and effectiveness. I´ve used the CMD hand defense in my line of work as a police officer and it is the most reliable defense against strikes that I´ve ever encountered during all my years as a martial-arts trainer.

    Marcus Björkegren
    Marcus Björkegren
  • I’ve trained in quite a few MA systems, but Rodney’s system is something special. The functionality, simplicity of form developed through his insight into MA is just mind-blowing. I’ve had the fortune of attending a few of his seminars when he came to town and he made more impact in my approach to training in those few hours than the years I’ve spent training in other systems. It’s like a whole new world!

    Gabriel Gopalan


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