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Become a Monkey-Jits (BJJ) Trainer


A self-preservation Jiu-Jitsu approach!

The Monkey-Jits program is an approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that focuses on self-preservation, learning the Art of the roll, and  crucially inspires students to take the positive lessons from the mat into the martial arts of everyday life and win. Our tag line, “flow as the way” encapsulates our training philosophy, where we believe Jiu-Jitsu should be an accessible experience for anyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or previous martial arts background.

In addition, we coach our students how to achieve the Flow state through Jiu-Ji tsu. This is a state of being where a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of rolling. The outcome, people learn to take on the battle of life, with more poise, focus and resilience.

Monkey-Jits is taught from three guiding pillars:


Competitive Jiu-Jitsu has grown exponentially over the past decade. It has been great for the art in gaining international exposure, and of course fantastic for those wanting to teach, as more people are aware of the awesomeness of the Jiu-Jitsu experience. However one of the most important aspects of Jiu-Jitsu has been lost, that of ‘self-defence’. First and foremost, Jiu-Jitsu is a martial discipline, and as such should offer its practitioners the ability to apply the skills of Jiu-Jitsu in self-preservation. In Monkey-Jits we place a premium emphasis on this most overlooked aspect of Jiu-Jitsu. We make sure that all our Trainers and students can apply their grappling skills where it matters most, in defending themselves and those they love.

The Art of Flow Jits

Learning to live roll is crucial not only to a person’s skill development and personal growth, but equally self-preservation. It is in the roll that a person learns timing, precision, and how to relax when going up against an a much bigger and stronger opponent. But, sadly, there tends to be a lot of smashing and ego defense going on in many Jiu-Jitsu academies. As such people often quit, feeling disheartened and defeated. In Monkey-Jits we have developed specific methods of coaching to prevent this from happening. We pride ourselves on creating flow environments where a 10-year old would be safe to roll in an adult class and not worry about getting injured.


Jiu-Jitsu changes lives for the better. This is accomplished by understanding how to present the Art in such a way that becoming more is possible. In Monkey-Jits we don’t simply leave this to chance. We have incorporated cutting edge research into our coaching approach, drawing from fields such as positive psychology and the science of mindfulness to ensure that both Trainers and students truly embody the ‘Jiu-Jitsu Flow Lifestyle’.



With Trainers and Academies all over the world, you gain instant recognition in the global modern martial arts community. Differentiate your Jiu-Jitsu offering from other academies through an up to date, current approach to teaching Jiu-Jitsu for self-preservation, along with the beauty of the 'roll' and taking the lessons from the mat positively into the world.


Not only will you be given access to our curriculum via our online training hub, we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for in-person training. From trainers only events to annual training camps, there is always an opportunity for you to level up both your personal game, and your coaching. Many of these experience are offered free, or are heavily discounted for trainers. You also have the opportunity to host seminars with some of our lead trainers and reasonable rates.


We partner with you in your success. Access some of the finest minds in the modern martial arts world, including Coach Rodney King. Support is always a Skype call away. Ask questions on our exclusive Whatsapp group and learn from everyone. You are not on your own!


We realize that having a robust reward system in any academy or training space is key to motivation and retention. Not only will you have the opportunity to gain belt recognition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but you will be able to recognize your own students too. This is achieved through following our structured curriculum.MJ's curriculum isn't built on simply memorizing techniques, but rather on roll performance. Offer a recognition system that means something both to your students, and be globally recognized.


There are three sign-up options (see below for more details). If you would like to join our Trainer team purely for your own development, you can do so too (choose the Not For Profit option below). Once you have signed up, we will schedule a call with you. During that call we will discuss the process of the trainers program in more detail, discuss your goals, and advice you on the best personalized route for you to become a fully accredited Monkey-Jits Trainer (typically takes 12-months). Terms and Conditions apply. Please read those carefully at the bottom of this page.


Garage Group/Not For Profit Option ($84/month):

Are you planning to teach Monkey-Jits from your garage or not for profit? Then our Garage Group/ Not For Profit monthly Trainers license fee is for you.


Affiliate MJ Trainer License Option ($125/month):

If you plan to teach Monkey-Jits as a program in someone else’s studio, and or you already own your own studio/academy and plan to teach Monkey-Jits as a program in your facility, then our Affiliate MJ Trainer monthly license fee is for you.


Fully Branded MJ Trainer ($200/month):

If you plan to open a training space that will only teach Monkey-Jits or along with our  other sister programs, then our Fully Branded Trainers License Fee is the option for you. We recommend you e-mail us first before signing up.


The Trainers License fee that you pay monthly legally allows you to utilize and teach our curriculum, including the use of our logos, and the Monkey-Jits (BJJ) name in advertising. As part of the Monkey-Jits Trainers Program you may license in all of our add-on programs at no extra charge.

These are,

  • Street-Jits Workshop
  • Jiu-Jitsu EDGED Defense Workshop for Civilians

While we offer an online curriculum for MJ, it is important that you attend at least one in-person training event per-year. This can be with either your Regional Training Director, and or at one of Rodney’s seminars/events. It is at these events that both your personal game and your ability to teach will be assessed. You receive 50% discount on all local and international training events (with some being FREE for Trainers).

In addition we advertise your participation, including your contact details for training for free on our website.

You will also be assigned a ‘mentor ‘ as your go to person for everything Monkey-Jits.

You will be added to our official Whatsapp group, so you can keep in contact with all fellow Trainers around the world.

All other online events such as webinars etc, are free for Trainers to attend.

You receive 50% discount on all Rodney’s latest online courses designed for civilians.

You can teach Monkey-Jits (BJJ) anywhere you like. In your garage, in a gym, or in your own academy. For example, we have Trainers that only teach MJ in one-on-one training. The options are endless. However please note, MJ needs to be taught as a separate grappling based program. We do not allow MJ Trainers to integrate the program into any other martial arts based program/style – unless that program is one of those under our umbrella. In addition, if you already have a BJJ affiliation we cannot accept you. We feel this is unethical.

You can begin teaching Monkey-Jits straight away after joining the Trainers Team. However, you have to openly identify both on advertising, social media, and to potential students what belt level is. If you come from a previous BJJ affiliation, we will honor your current belt as long as it comes from a legitimate lineage. Please note though, a belt level on it’s own doesn’t not make you an Accredited Trainer in MJ. You need to work through our formative Monkey-Jits OS curriculum, and be able to effectively teach it to your students before being considered an Accredited Trainer. This will typically takes 12-months to 16-months. Please also note, that you are required to attend at least 1 in-person training event with either your Regional Training Director and or Rodney within a 12-month period. We have multiple training opportunities every year around the world.

We believe that Trainers representing our programs must want to be part of our team, as such, we don’t expect you to be tied into lengthy contracts. However, as you can understand we need to protect our programs too, not only for us, but you as well. As such we will ask you to sign a simple contract after you join. You may exit the Trainers program at anytime with two full months paid calendar notice. In addition, all your students who are training Monkey-Jits are required to pay  $20 a belt membership fee before the start of each new new belt phase (i.e. when they join you as a white belt, when they move to Blue belt, when they move to Purple belt etc).

When you pay the $20 membership fee for your student, it enters them into our database, where we assign a unique student number to them. When you qualify your student/s for a belt rank, you then submit their details to us, and we send you their certificate, with their unique student number clearly shown on their certificate.

Due to the complex nature of Jiu-Jitsu we do not have a fast track to accredited Trainer at this time. However, you can come to Johannesburg for intensive training with Rodney to level up your game. Please e-mail us for more information.

Absolutely. However, you can only accept stripes and belts from Professors in the MJ program.