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5 Street Fighting Lessons I learned The Hard Way

It was a quite Saturday night at Foxies, a pub in the heart of the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. I was on the call box, speaking to a friend on the phone. Suddenly a group of men and woman entered the lower end bar of the pub. I could see them from the corner of my eye, rowdy, loud, and screaming profanities at other patrons. Some patrons got up and left, others tried not to make any eye contact with them. My eyes fixed on one individual of the group. Staring......

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Sparring For Performance But Saving Your Brain

Over the past couple of years, it seems, that many MMA athletes are starting to wake up to the pitfalls of constantly sparring hard. Not only is there a physical price to pay, but also a mental one. We know now, unequivocally, that even mild trauma to the head can be detrimental over time. Nowhere is this more evident than in combat sports, where often, trauma to the head is a sustained occupation for years. Going light then in training sparring, and leaving the big fight to the fight......

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Thought Piece: Two Paths, Two Choices in Martial Arts

It’s true that to a large extent, we are all, as human beings, shaped by our history — personal, cultural, and evolutionary. This then informs how we engage with both the practice and experience of martial arts. In short, each of us carries both our ancestors, and our own primal nature, within us at all times. It will by it's very nature, show up on the mat. But the presence of our primal past is just one part of the story. Each of us also has the creative power of......

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I No Longer Want To Do Martial Arts Simply to Fight!

I have always been keenly interested in inner mastery. Much of this interest stems from my childhood. Growing up on the tough, mean streets on the South Side of Johannesburg in government housing (similar to the Projects in the USA) I had to dodge the neighbourhood gangs, and school yard bullies daily. Added to this, I grew up never knowing my father, and having to deal with a mother that was a raging abusive alcoholic. I always felt that my entire world was out of control as a child. It's......

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