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The Dunning-Kruger Effect Of Self-Defense

I started teaching martial arts at a time when the internet barely existed, when there was no Google. Outside of Black Belt magazine, some books and later VHS instructional tapes, for the most part, information wasn’t readily available. You had to be really interested and go out and search for material that you thought may have value. In other words it wasn’t simply a click away. I think one of the major turning points of information overload in the world of martial arts began as YouTube emerged in 2005.......

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They Are Fighting Bumbling Fools!

I am on a YouTube rant again, so bare with me. Back in the day, before the advent of the net as we know it today, the only way to know what someone was teaching was either to go to one of their classes, a seminar or if you were lucky you could pick up a VHS tape they put out. Today, things have changed. YouTube is now arguably the one stop shop in martial arts information. You can find anything you like there. You want to learn how......

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Facing Off With Your Inner Opponent

In many ways modern martial arts is an extension of modern living, at least as we experience it in the West. Just like so many of us that focus on the external, and materialistic nature of our existence, so does this seem to be prevalent in the world of modern martial arts. Success sadly is often narrowly defined by the physical, the external, and whom someone can beat. What stays in our minds is the physical techniques, the outward manifestation that we observe in that victory. People then scramble off to learn......

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When It Comes To Self-Defense, Throw 90% Away!

How many street fights have you been in? How many times have you had to defend yourself? How many street fights have you witnessed personally? Most people won’t have much in the way of concrete experiences as it relates to these questions. The truth is, if you keep your head down, mind your own business, the chances of interpersonal violence jumping out at you is slim at best. This lack of knowing however, allows our heads to be filled with what Hollywood says fights will look......

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