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Still In The Fight

I am not sure about your martial arts journey, but I don’t ever recall having a conversation with anyone I trained under about the long term consequences to ones body in what we do. In fact, if one ever discussed it, you were kind of made to feel as if you were a wimp. When you did have an injury, and you talked about it, especially on a doctors advice, you were often answered back with the stereotypical answer, “Ah, you know those doctors, they are always over cautious, and......

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What I Learned From Apidej - A Legend of Muay Thai

Always happy, always smiling is what I immediately remember about my main Muay Thai teacher Apidej Sit-Hirun, and the person who had the most influence over my Muay Thai game. He was Thailand’s welterweight Muay Thai champion for nearly 10 consecutive years, and a legend in the sport. As the head trainer at Fairtex Muay Thai Camp in Bangplee, he was always in the ring, ready to coach. As far as I know, I was one of the very few Westerners that he ever gave permission to, to teach......

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I am that Kid, You Said Will Never Amount to Anything!

I am that kid who the teaches told, “You will never amount to anything.” I spent most days at school, staring out the window, lost in my imagination, dreaming of knights conquering their fears, slaying the Dragon, and capturing the treasure. My Mom was called in often to my school, and told, your son isn’t concentrating in class. School was a bore, a mundane drudgery, thought up by hidden powers — all of whom wanted us to be tamed, manageable, and work in their factories. The world inside my head......

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The Sun Tzu of Crazy Monkey

Following are 7 strategies that I use all the time in sparring. All of these strategies where inspired by my reading of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. When people learn a striking game, they think it’s simply just about landing a punch. but it’s so more than that — and nowhere is this more evident than in sparring. Sparring is both a physical chaotic dance, as much as it is a psychological one. Technique alone cannot win a fight, you need a strategic understanding on how to use your......

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