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What Wins Street Fights?

How many real fights have you been in? If you are teaching self-defence, how many times in your lifetime, have you actually had to defend yourself for real? How many times when this happened did you honestly think to yourself, “I may die tonight?” I get incredibly incensed by the matter of fact way so many self proclaimed self-defence experts are quick to shoot other people’s work down in their own industry or very quick to offer up an opinion (especially these idiots who post......

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Moving to Fight, Fighting To Move

I have always felt that one of my strengths is my ability to see the subtle nuances in the fight game, that often go overlooked. One of these strengths is looking for patterns in an exchange in sparring, rather than a single technique. For example, I may see someone land the perfect shot to an opponents jaw, but beyond the obvious fact that he or she used a jab, what were the circumstances that lead up to that perfect punch landing? In fact in this......

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Telling Fear To Shut Up!

The fear of making a mistake, of messing up, almost always is surrounded by thoughts about yourself when it happens, or what will others think? I have always felt like there is two people inside of me, a bipolar struggle between the one voice that says, “Go for it,” whilst the other voice says, “be careful, it won’t work, you will mess up.” It does seem that this second voice has a lot more to say about how I should live my life. The thing is, as......

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Still In The Fight

I am not sure about your martial arts journey, but I don’t ever recall having a conversation with anyone I trained under about the long term consequences to ones body in what we do. In fact, if one ever discussed it, you were kind of made to feel as if you were a wimp. When you did have an injury, and you talked about it, especially on a doctors advice, you were often answered back with the stereotypical answer, “Ah, you know those doctors, they are always over cautious, and......

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