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From Here To There: Success Via The Hustle

Everyday I listen to people talking about what they need to do in order to become successful. A year or more later I meet the same people, who find themselves in the same place they were years earlier. Clearly there seems to be a disconnect between what people ‘want,' and what people 'need to do’ to make it happen. Even more interestingly, many of these people don’t even have the convenient excuse of not having access to the people, tools or processes they would need to become that success.

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The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

Here’s the most important thing I’ve ever learned as an entrepreneur, 8 words that create a profound shift:

Nothing is more powerful than a changed mind.

You can change your zip code, the direction of your business, even your outward appearance, but if you don’t change your state of mind, then the same circumstances that have always held you back from achieving success in your life and your business will persist.......

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Is Thinking Like an Artist The Key To Success for Entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur myself, not only is that definition dry, and boring, but most importantly it’s only somewhat accurate. Sure, I manage and organize my business, sure running my business takes initiative and involves risk......

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The Mindful Entrepreneur

Two days after Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Daytona 500 for a second time, he remarked how his critics said he didn’t have the necessary “killer instinct” to win. He hoped this accomplishment would quiet them. It was a telling moment from a racing great, and as an entrepreneur it hit home, detailing how we strive to deliver wins daily, but are often judged harshly because we aren’t perceived as behaving with enough bravado.What is this “killer instinct?” Is it essential to winning as an entrepreneur? Many people think so!
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