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The Offensive-Defensive Paradigm: What’s Not Evolving in the Fight Game!

There’s a big difference in my mind between fight-toughness, and fighting-smart. If you go into any of the competitive ‘fight’ schools, not matter if it’s Muay Thai, boxing or MMA, and you spend enough time there, you will become tough. This isn’t going to happen however if you train a couple of times a week. To build a good level of ‘fight-toughness’ takes hours of dedication, some insanity, and training every day in the fight gym. When I reflect back on my time boxing with my coach......

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Learning To Roll With Life's Punches

Everyday I am confronted, mostly on social media, that being anything other than the eternal optimist will equal failure in life. B Cade Massey, a professor of organisational behaviour at Yale, says: “It has gotten to the point where people feel pressure to think and talk in an optimistic way.” As Oliver Burkeman, author of The Antidote, suggests, “Filling your mind with positive thoughts and emotions, it seems to make sense…I think the idea grew out of … finding a philosophy of life that feels compatible with consumer capitalism.''
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Embodied-Growth Hacking for Leaders

]Ever since René Descartes, in the seventeenth century, separated the mind from what the body does (dualism) — we have, in the West, remained largely dominated by the idea that our mind is distinct — and functions independently from our body. We have as Aposhyan in Natural Intelligence noted, for centuries reduced the experience of our body to a mechanical one. Thankfully this is changing, increasingly in organisations, although much slower in leadership studies.
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3 Things To Know To Survive a Stand-Up Altercation!

When it comes to self-preservation there are several patterns that unfold contextually. What defines the context is what unfolds around it (or you). Is this a one-on-one altercation standing up, on the ground etc? Depending on where one finds oneself will define the pattern that emerges. In self-preservation the pattern of events in other words, defines the context within which a person must work to survive. For the purpose of this article (and hopefully one of a series) I want to explore the pattern of a stand up fight,......

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