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Boxing With The Monkey: The Roots of CMD!

A decade has passed since the official formation of Crazy Monkey Defence. Yup, one decade later, we are still around. I feat anyone in the martial arts world would recognise. This seems, at least for me, a good time to reflect. A lot has changed in Crazy Monkey, we have refined our curriculum, we have dabbled with all kinds of different techniques, strategies and tactics — some we have kept, others have been discarded. What is relevant is not so much what has changed, but rather what has stayed the......

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Focused To Survive

When one truly understands the nature of interpersonal aggression, and the ability to preserve oneself in those types of encounters, you begin to realise that martial technique (punches, elbows, kicks etc) are often secondary in survival. So many other factors can determine survival or termination prior to any martial technique ever being deployed. Some of these are context ( is this against one or multiple opponents etc), to the ever changing situation you may find yourself in (did it start empty hand, but now it involves weapons etc), to how......

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Getting Out Of The Zero Performance Rabbit Hole

There is a tendency in the martial art world to over complicate what doesn’t need to be. The continued search for the Holly Grail of the master technique that will allow anyone to confront an aggressive opponent has lead many people so deep down the rabbit hole, that what they end up finding is just another tunnel. The truth is, any time you set up a demonstration where the objective is not for the opponent to fight back at all costs, one can, pretty much make anything ‘look like’ it......

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The Primacy of Defense in Self-Preservation!

From the dawn of man, we have had to learn how to defend ourselves, and those we love. If it wasn’t from roaming predators on the Savannah, it was likely surviving rival bands of hunter gatherers. You see, when one looks at it from this perspective, fighting to survive in one shape or form, along with procreation — have been our main two preoccupations for most of our time on this planet. We could argue, that through all the glorious achievements of mankind, survival always came first. Without it, life......

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