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Positioning Crazy Monkey: Who Is It For?

There is an untold number of martial art programs on the market. Each with its own take on how things should be done. The natural question is, “What makes Crazy Monkey different?” It’s a valid question, but a loaded one. Everyone in the martial art world, especially those with thoughts on how their knowledge should be deployed, believe that they are right. To then write about an us versus them approach is stepping into a quagmire you can never win. That’s why in my opinion it’s better just to state......

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Let me begin by telling you a story. Once upon a time in a neighbourhood on the South Side of Johannesburg, there lived a boy. He grew up relatively poor in government housing. As those neighbourhoods typically are, gangs were rife, and parents were absent or high. When he wasn’t being cornered by the neighbourhood gangs, he would find himself being roughed up by the schoolyard bullies — who stole his lunch money. At home, things were tough too, his Mom had no problem ‘hitting’ the bottle or him. With no......

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Feel The Fear And Just F@£king Do It Anyway

Let’s not mince words. Life can be a fucking scary place. Fear can be such a debilitating emotion that it can stop you dead in your tracks. There I was, 20 years old, fresh out of the military, standing outside a nightclub as the bouncer. Did I mention that the entrance age for the club was 24? Yeah. I was shitting myself.

Let’s just think about that for a second. I was the kid who was bullied relentlessly. Having my head flushed in......

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