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Reality Fighting on The Brain

Chances are that you don’t have to defend yourself on a daily basis from criminals (unless that's your job). Yet, have you ever considered, that by engaging in reality based self-defence training may not be as positive as it first appears? The truth is, many reality based schools of thought believe that the closer they can get you to experience the realities of a real interpersonal violent encounter in training — the more prepared you will be to handle such a situation. Elaborate drills are concocted......

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How can I learn to handle the pressure in sparring?

The most common question I get asked when coaching around the world is,

“how can I learn to handle the pressure in sparring?”

If you are focused on developing a performance game, a game that will stand up to the fire of reality in martial performance, then this is one of the most important questions to ask. The answer however may be counter intuitive.

My Foray Into Boxing

When I first went to learn how to box in my teens,......

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Boxing With The Monkey: The Roots of CMD!

A decade has passed since the official formation of Crazy Monkey Defence. Yup, one decade later, we are still around. I feat anyone in the martial arts world would recognise. This seems, at least for me, a good time to reflect. A lot has changed in Crazy Monkey, we have refined our curriculum, we have dabbled with all kinds of different techniques, strategies and tactics — some we have kept, others have been discarded. What is relevant is not so much what has changed, but rather what has stayed the......

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Focused To Survive

When one truly understands the nature of interpersonal aggression, and the ability to preserve oneself in those types of encounters, you begin to realise that martial technique (punches, elbows, kicks etc) are often secondary in survival. So many other factors can determine survival or termination prior to any martial technique ever being deployed. Some of these are context ( is this against one or multiple opponents etc), to the ever changing situation you may find yourself in (did it start empty hand, but now it involves weapons etc), to how......

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