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The Not So Reality of Reality Based Self-Defence

One of the reasons I refused to write about self-preservation for a long time was largely due to the nutters that litter the landscape of that world (and I really mean nutters). I decided instead to share my knowledge in person, to groups of people I trusted, and who I could judge personally if they would be good candidates for what I had to offer. urlThe world of reality based self defence is something akin to an awkward......

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3 Mindsets That Will Keep You Safe, When It Matters Most

Much of what gets peddled and passed off as ‘self-defence’ training on YouTube has nothing to do with the defence of the self. While the possibility of going hands on with someone who is being an aggressor is ever present, this should never be ones first action.

This starts with making a distinction in ones own mind if the threat one is encountering is ego based or really self-preservation? Bumping into someone in a bar for example, who spills the drinks you are carrying, who you......

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Martial Art Authenticity, It’s Scary Business

I am not going to lie, getting on the mat, or in the ring and sparring another human being can be scary business. There have been several times over the past 25-years, that it took everything I had inside to not back out of a roll or sparring match against an opponent, that I perceived could easily beat me. But I stepped up and did it anyway. The question is: why? In part I recognised my own enemies inside. As Steven Pressfield notes in......

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Self-Preservation: Is There Real self-defence Training Out There?

Is there real self-defence training out there? I guess this really depends on how you define ‘self-defence'. I wrote about this in my article, Real Self Defence Doesn’t Sell and I discussed it further in the subsequent interview that accompanied that article. If one looks at Youtube there is a lot of information out there being passed off as self-defence training. But if you look closely, often (not always) what you see is more about winning a ‘street fight’ than self-preservation. In other words......

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