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Self-Preservation: The Truth Be Told

After working the door outside some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs for several years, some perennial truths about defending oneself against an assailant have stood out. Below I outline some important considerations to take into account when thinking about learning to defend oneself. Some of these may seem painfully obvious, but if that was the case 99% of all self-defence schools would need to close their doors for business. Know the Reality: Real fights don’t look the way they do in Hollywood, in fact most demonstrations in......

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Crazy Monkey Key Concepts

I have spent over a decade researching, testing, refining and pushing the boundaries of what is known about real performance in a fight. I am very proud of what I have developed and achieved.

Below is a first attempt at cataloging all of what I have developed over the past decade. It is a work in progress, and I will continue to add to it as I have time (please check back regularly). I hope in time to include actual visual examples of each of the ideas......

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The Future Of Traditional Martial Arts?

Is traditional martial arts dying? Just in my own country of South Africa I have seen countless traditional martial art schools close their doors for business. One of those which I pass each day to drop my kids off at school, that had been open for close on three decades and mostly catering to adults, has now closed its doors too. Those in the traditional martial arts who seem to be surviving have melded into the modern world of martial arts such as MMA or reality based systems. For those......

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What Are You Really Trying To Do Mr. King?

There is no doubt that the world of martial arts has changed. I started teaching Karate around the age of 17 — and now in my 26th year of teaching, I have seen this change first hand. In the past couple of decades martial arts has gone through various stages of excitement. Today, for the most part, two streams seem to be the most prevalent, that of reality based self defence systems and the competitive based approaches (BJJ, MMA et al.) As Achilles was dipped into the......

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