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The Barefoot Martial Artist: Why Taking Your Shoes Off, Is Good For You!

When I first started training martial arts as a kid in Karate, the thing I noticed first was that all training was done barefoot. The beautiful thing about martial arts in general, is that unlike many other sports and hobbies all you really need in order to train and to enjoy the experience is your body. Equipment when I first began training over 3-decades ago was optional. And to be honest, if done right, it still is today.  

A Naturalistic Approach

This naturalistic experience of the......

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The Curious Nature of Success in Martial Arts & Life!

Life is tough, unpredictable, and will kick you between the legs when you are not looking. Life is, at its heart imperfect, just like a roll in jiu-jitsu, just like sparring. But we want everything to be perfect. We want, seek, for the perfect roll, the perfect round of sparring, the perfect life. Perfection, we have been told, offers the key to happiness. 
But, in my experience imperfection gets a bad rap. Straight lines, perfect shapes, and order, is what we have been told is beautiful and good.......

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Success Isn’t What You Have Been Told It Is!

I feel there is just way to much time these days spent focusing on other people’s versions of success. We look to the ‘successes’ of other people, often displayed in all its unashamed glory on social media, and we desperately want to see the same in our own lives. Rather than motivating us however, it often makes us feel inadequate. Rather than feeling empowered to do the same we often are left feeling disempowered. Everything is displayed as perfect, yet we know that each of us is imperfect. How can......

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