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Beyond the Outer Fight To Winning The Inner War!

I may be an enigma to some. In fact, I know that most people who fixated on the world of the martial, find me somewhat of an anomaly. My philosophy confuses them. In their world, the only reason to practice modern forms of martial arts is to know first and foremost how to fight. Being able to do so either on the street, or in competition is the ultimate pinnacle of success for them. And to be honest, I am perfectly fine with that. Each of us, have......

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An Alternative Perspective: Why Martial Arts May Be So Enticing & Rewarding!

Tomorrow I am sparring twelve or more rounds with four times Lightweight EFC Champ Costa Iaonnou. Costa is a long time student of mine, a trainer in Crazy Monkey Defence, and one of my BJJ Black Belts. This is a ritual we do three times a week. I really look forward to it. It’s loads of fun and personally challenging. I can see every time we spar, that he has thought about the previous session, then purposively changes his game up, adding new strategies to it. I do......

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You Have Always Been Fighting Yourself

For the past two decades, I have been punching people in the face, and those people have been punching me back. When I wasn’t doing that, I found myself rolling around on the floor with sweaty people, where we tried to take each other’s limbs off (metaphorically speaking, of course). As if that wasn’t crazy enough, people paid me to do this to them. If you don’t know much about me, I am a full-time martial arts coach. I have taught special-forces military units, world-champion fighters, and everyone in-between. Continue Reading

Martial Art Authenticity, It’s Scary Business

I am not going to lie, getting on the mat, or in the ring and sparring another human being can be scary business. There have been several times over the past 25-years, that it took everything I had inside to not back out of a roll or sparring match against an opponent, that I perceived could easily beat me. But I stepped up and did it anyway. The question is: why? In part I recognised my own enemies inside. As Steven Pressfield notes in......

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