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What Are You Really Trying To Do Mr. King?

There is no doubt that the world of martial arts has changed. I started teaching Karate around the age of 17 — and now in my 26th year of teaching, I have seen this change first hand. In the past couple of decades martial arts has gone through various stages of excitement. Today, for the most part, two streams seem to be the most prevalent, that of reality based self defence systems and the competitive based approaches (BJJ, MMA et al.) As Achilles was dipped into the......

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Defense of the Self!

I wasn’t always the anti-Tough Guy of martial arts . . . in fact, I was that Tough-Guy! But being the Tough Guy was not a choice—it was a necessity. I thought I needed to be the Tough Guy to be taken seriously in the world of modern martial arts.

The truth is I didn’t take up martial arts to become the ‘ultimate fighter’ or to be a tough guy. Throughout my life, I have always been somewhat of a reluctant......

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Being a Warrior - Not Just About Fighting Ability

While none of us possess infallible control or perfect virtue, as martial artists, inescapably tied to those warriors who have already walked the path—we owe it to them, and to ourselves to strive towards achieving excellence. Here excellence refers to more than just ones fighting ability. Sadly, so many modern martial artists focus exclusively on their martial skill as a measure of excellence, losing sight of the fact that historically true warriorship was measured as being far more than just ones ability to fight. Many......

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Hidden Dragon's of the Martial Art World

It’s often taboo to suggest that training in martial arts may not be all that healthy for you. Coming from someone who has practiced and taught martial arts for all of his adult life, it may seem like a strange topic for me to be writing about. But at least personally, I enjoy challenging why I do something, even when it doesn’t make me popular in my own mind, with screams of, “just get on with it”. I won’t lie here and say that questioning everything, especially why......

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