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Why You Are Addicted to Jiu-Jitsu!

No, it’s not just because you learn new techniques. No, it’s not just because of the physical challenge. No, it’s not just because of being able to submit someone bigger and stronger than you. While all of these are in a sense true and important reasons to train, the reason you are so addicted to Jiu-Jitsu is because you are fully there. I have spent almost 6 years working on my PhD in Mindful-Leadership. My inspiration for my research began after reading a paper by Professor Donna Ladkin, entitled, Leading Beautifully: How......

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6 Ways to Roll for Ever!

I have written previously about the severe degeneration I am dealing with in the vertebrae in my neck. I am often in pain, and if it wasn’t for a superb Chiropractor, I doubt I would be able to get through most weeks. This last week after rolling, I felt a tingle in my muscles surrounding my scapular. I have had it before, and normally indicates the onset of a muscle spasm. I didn’t think much about it, until the next morning, when I was unable to turn the key in my......

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Seeking The Flow State Through Jiu-Jitsu

One of the (unconscious) attractions to jiu-jitsu is that it offers anyone the opportunity to experience flow. I say it is ‘unconscious’ for two reasons. Firstly I don’t think people intentionally go to jiu-jitsu to find flow. Most people go to jiu-jitsu to learn a martial skill, as a vehicle to help them get in shape, an opportunity to breakout from the mundane of life, to be personally challenged, and because it looks like a load of fun (which it is). In the process of doing all of this they accidentally (but......

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The Lost Science of Street Jits?

I have been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for over two decades. Like many from the 90’s, what inspired me to start was watching Royce Gracie in those first UFC’s beating all comers, especially opponent who were much larger and stronger than him. I’ll be honest too, while I was impressed, I wasn’t totally convinced either. Already an accomplished fighter in my own right, I thought, “well these guys Royce are fighting, aren’t very good strikers, I doubt he could do that against someone who really has a world class striking game”.......

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