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Adapt or Die: A Self-Preservation Training Paradigm Shift

Training martial skills so that you can effectively deploy those skills when it matters most in self preservation — are thoughts that occupy most students and instructors minds. This is natural, as no one wants to find themselves in the midst of interpersonal aggression, only then to find that those martial skills you so diligently practiced, night after night, week in and week out, end up failing you. As a coach of self-preservation I am well aware of my responsibility to my students who not only put their trust in me. Equally their......

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Students May Pay For a Lesson, Coaches Pay Back With Their Souls!

How many people do you know that have been dedicated to something for more than three decades? Hell, most marriages don’t even last a year these days. But that is how long I have been involved in martial arts in one shape or form. Clearly my role in martial arts has little to do with getting rich, because if that was the case, I chose the wrong profession. No, and as I have noted elsewhere martial arts is an integral part of my life, for many reasons, but most importantly because the......

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Playing & ‘Teaching’ the Fight Game For ‘Real’

It will come as no surprise to those who follow my work that I am an advocate that those who teach, should also be able to perform what they teach for ‘real’. I have never been convinced by the argument that someone can be a good coach in the fight game, but yet, never fights himself. Ill concede, that for some coaches, especially those who are older, and or suffer from debilitating injuries, that they may no longer be able to play the game so to speak. But in those instances, the......

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The Dysmorphia of Martial Functionality & The Elephant in the Room!

I get asked all the time what do I think about X martial arts instructor, X style or method of martial arts. With the advent of social media, I made a decision that I would never comment by ‘name’ on other people’s work in the martial arts industry. The truth is, not only have I had my fair share of people taking a short video clip that may surface of my work totally out of context, but I am well aware of the martial trolls out there that just like......

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