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Playing & ‘Teaching’ the Fight Game For ‘Real’

It will come as no surprise to those who follow my work that I am an advocate that those who teach, should also be able to perform what they teach for ‘real’. I have never been convinced by the argument that someone can be a good coach in the fight game, but yet, never fights himself. Ill concede, that for some coaches, especially those who are older, and or suffer from debilitating injuries, that they may no longer be able to play the game so to speak. But in those instances, the......

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The Dysmorphia of Martial Functionality & The Elephant in the Room!

I get asked all the time what do I think about X martial arts instructor, X style or method of martial arts. With the advent of social media, I made a decision that I would never comment by ‘name’ on other people’s work in the martial arts industry. The truth is, not only have I had my fair share of people taking a short video clip that may surface of my work totally out of context, but I am well aware of the martial trolls out there that just like......

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Honoring Many Paths in Martial Arts

There’s a saying, that there are many routes to the top of the mountain, but once you are at the top the view is the same for everyone. There is for sure many routes. The view being the same, is a discussion for another article. What I am always surprised by however, is how many people in the modern martial arts world think that their route is the justified and only one. Here I am speaking mainly about the motivation for someone to participate in a modern martial arts experience.
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Training For The CHAOS of the Fight

Most people who teach martial arts don’t give a second thought to how they teach. Most instructors teach a bunch of techniques and leave it up to the individual to find a way to best perform what they had been taught. To be fare, when I started teaching, I thought and taught the exact same way. The truth is, teaching someone to be able to perform in the chaos of a fight is a difficult thing to accomplish. It’s not only that you have to prepare them for a fight......

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