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Honoring Many Paths in Martial Arts

There’s a saying, that there are many routes to the top of the mountain, but once you are at the top the view is the same for everyone. There is for sure many routes. The view being the same, is a discussion for another article. What I am always surprised by however, is how many people in the modern martial arts world think that their route is the justified and only one. Here I am speaking mainly about the motivation for someone to participate in a modern martial arts experience.
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Training For The CHAOS of the Fight

Most people who teach martial arts don’t give a second thought to how they teach. Most instructors teach a bunch of techniques and leave it up to the individual to find a way to best perform what they had been taught. To be fare, when I started teaching, I thought and taught the exact same way. The truth is, teaching someone to be able to perform in the chaos of a fight is a difficult thing to accomplish. It’s not only that you have to prepare them for a fight......

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Still In The Fight

I am not sure about your martial arts journey, but I don’t ever recall having a conversation with anyone I trained under about the long term consequences to ones body in what we do. In fact, if one ever discussed it, you were kind of made to feel as if you were a wimp. When you did have an injury, and you talked about it, especially on a doctors advice, you were often answered back with the stereotypical answer, “Ah, you know those doctors, they are always over cautious, and......

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The Future Of Traditional Martial Arts?

Is traditional martial arts dying? Just in my own country of South Africa I have seen countless traditional martial art schools close their doors for business. One of those which I pass each day to drop my kids off at school, that had been open for close on three decades and mostly catering to adults, has now closed its doors too. Those in the traditional martial arts who seem to be surviving have melded into the modern world of martial arts such as MMA or reality based systems. For those......

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