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Great To Be Mentioned…But You Don’t Know CMD!

"If you want to keep your head on your shoulders in a fight, I strongly recommend Rodney’s Crazy Monkey Defense Program." - Adam Shahir Kayoom – World Professional Muay Thai Champion and Muay Khmer Champion
Sadly, as it is with many things, you get known for one thing, but then no one bothers to do proper research on the rest. For example, there are many combat athletes that have used ‘Crazy Monkey’ in the cage or the ring, but often, who ever showed them, only covered the very ‘basics’......

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The Sun Tzu of Crazy Monkey

Following are 7 strategies that I use all the time in sparring. All of these strategies where inspired by my reading of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. When people learn a striking game, they think it’s simply just about landing a punch. but it’s so more than that — and nowhere is this more evident than in sparring. Sparring is both a physical chaotic dance, as much as it is a psychological one. Technique alone cannot win a fight, you need a strategic understanding on how to use your......

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Why Train Combinations?

Many of the things we drill, and the way we train in modern martial arts is taken for granted - because of this, often the reason behind a drill is misunderstood. One of the most misunderstood practices is training combinations. There isn’t a boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA gym in the world that doesn’t make combination training a staple of their workout. In Crazy Monkey we train combinations too, but our reasoning is different. I have spent the last decade or more coaching around the world,......

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If It’s Not Uncooperative, It Doesn’t Count!

At the crux of it, if one is truly honest with oneself, learning martial techniques is great, but the application of those techniques in a performance environment is the culmination of skill. At the heart of any martial expression is the question, “Will this work?” As martial artists we have found practical ways to test this question, either through sparring, or competition. At times of course, and reluctantly, we are confronted by a situation on the street, where we are forced into seeing if what we believe we know will......

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