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If It’s Not Uncooperative, It Doesn’t Count!

At the crux of it, if one is truly honest with oneself, learning martial techniques is great, but the application of those techniques in a performance environment is the culmination of skill. At the heart of any martial expression is the question, “Will this work?” As martial artists we have found practical ways to test this question, either through sparring, or competition. At times of course, and reluctantly, we are confronted by a situation on the street, where we are forced into seeing if what we believe we know will......

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The Offensive-Defensive Paradigm: What’s Not Evolving in the Fight Game!

There’s a big difference in my mind between fight-toughness, and fighting-smart. If you go into any of the competitive ‘fight’ schools, not matter if it’s Muay Thai, boxing or MMA, and you spend enough time there, you will become tough. This isn’t going to happen however if you train a couple of times a week. To build a good level of ‘fight-toughness’ takes hours of dedication, some insanity, and training every day in the fight gym. When I reflect back on my time boxing with my coach......

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Positioning Crazy Monkey: Who Is It For?

There is an untold number of martial art programs on the market. Each with its own take on how things should be done. The natural question is, “What makes Crazy Monkey different?” It’s a valid question, but a loaded one. Everyone in the martial art world, especially those with thoughts on how their knowledge should be deployed, believe that they are right. To then write about an us versus them approach is stepping into a quagmire you can never win. That’s why in my opinion it’s better just to state......

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The Safety-Surgical Striking Paradigm: From the Ring to Reality

I spent much of my teens and into my early 20’s boxing. I had a great coach, Willie Toweel, who won the bronze medal in the flyweight division at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. He taught me some very important lessons, that I will never forget (like when he used to scream at you to keep your chin down). Now either it was my lack of athletic ability, or not enjoying the slip game, it did seem to me that getting punched in the face (a lot) seemed part......

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