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The Yoda of Sparring

Okay, I am a little bit of a geek (at times). I am a sucker for sci-fi movies like Star Wars. When you look deeper at some of the characters in the movie series, no one offers more ‘life’ lessons than Yoda, a wise old sage, part warrior, part scholar. I have used the ‘Sayings of Yoda’ to great success, especially explaining the ‘mental game’ to my kids, but I have equally used them to teach the ‘inner game’ of sparring to my students. As I often suggest to them,......

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The Musashi of Sparring

Outside of being a noted swordsman, what always intrigued me about Miyamoto Musashi, was his understanding and use of the mental game. He had an uncanny way of recognising his opponents mental weaknesses and using it against them. I have had a lot of success applying Musashi’s strategies to sparring. In many instances, I was already doing them, but to see that they were already tried and tested by someone like Musashi — is a testament to the perennial nature of the strategy of battle (be that in a ring,......

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