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How The Art of The Story, Changed My Martial Life

Appius Claudius Caecus, a Roman politician was quoted as saying:

faber est suae quisque fortunae (every man is the artisan of his own fortune)

Secretly I have always had this quote in my wallet. At times when things got tough, I would pull it out to remind myself of what he said. It is as true today, as it was at the time he uttered those words. We all have a life story. It is our story that shapes not only how we......

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Facing Off With Your Inner Opponent

In many ways modern martial arts is an extension of modern living, at least as we experience it in the West. Just like so many of us that focus on the external, and materialistic nature of our existence, so does this seem to be prevalent in the world of modern martial arts. Success sadly is often narrowly defined by the physical, the external, and whom someone can beat. What stays in our minds is the physical techniques, the outward manifestation that we observe in that victory. People then scramble off to learn......

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Finding The Still Point In The Dance of War

Life is a real pain in the ass, it will kick you between the legs, the second you lose your focus. Lets be real, it will kick you in the teeth, even when you are awake, watching, and focused. Finding the still point in life’s chaos is difficult. Paradoxically the place that I train for stillness, is in the most un-still, chaotic, unpredictable experience in my life — by fighting. Now when I say fighting, I don’t mean looking for a fight on the street. Rather, ritualised......

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Mindfulness-in-Action: Leaving The Zafu At Home!

As a martial artist, mindfulness has been an integral part of my training, and coaching for many years — way before it became popular. Today, mindfulness is everywhere, and seems to be the panacea for all kinds of ills, from helping with stress, pain, or just to be happier. In many ways I share the sentiments of Tony Robbin’s in a recent interview with Tim Ferriss, that, I simply never got into meditation. In fact, for most of my executive clients who come to me......

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