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Mindfulness-in-Action: Leaving The Zafu At Home!

As a martial artist, mindfulness has been an integral part of my training, and coaching for many years — way before it became popular. Today, mindfulness is everywhere, and seems to be the panacea for all kinds of ills, from helping with stress, pain, or just to be happier. In many ways I share the sentiments of Tony Robbin’s in a recent interview with Tim Ferriss, that, I simply never got into meditation. In fact, for most of my executive clients who come to me......

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What A Lifetime In The Ring Taught Me About Success

I had been sparring intensely for 12-rounds. The final bell went, and dripping with sweat, I collapsed to the floor. “That was a really tough opponent” I thought as I began to reflect on the experience. Yet, I felt I had done really well. I had to change my game plan up several times within those rounds. I had to move. As a boxer, and coach for two decades, I have learned that moving in sparring is the best way to change up the game, because, at its essence,......

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Lessons from The Sparring Ring

Give me sparring any day. I would rather do it than hit pads, or the heavy bag or even learn new techniques. For many people though sparring is really just about winning, about beating an opponent, for me, sparring is so much more. When I am sparring I am continuously inventing new combinations, new movements with my body, often even surprising myself as I do them. When I am sparring I feel creative. It excites me because I see it as a continuous process of discovery. Discovery and creating,......

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