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2 Training Tools That Supercharged My Boxing Game

I have always found it interesting, even amusing, that people who begin to study martial arts, tend to equate complexity with martial efficiency. I think a lot of this stems from the movies. The complex fight scenes we witness in movies are exciting, they capture our attention, and of course just look plain cool. I remember clear as day as a kid wanting to be able to fight just like those awesome characters in my favourite Kung Fu movies. However I can see the level of disappointment in a students face when......

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You Will Get Hit & What To Do About it!

The truth is, if you playing the fight game for real, you are going to get hit. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how good you are, everyone gets hit. It is only in those neatly packaged self-defence responses on YouTube that the defender always seems to be able to not only predict what the attack will be, but in response always seem to get the right counter moves in to win. The very nature of fighting means that no one comes out unscathed. If you don’t want to get hit, then......

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Working towards becoming successful at anything is difficult. If it wasn’t, it likely wouldn’t be worth the time and energy. But, no matter how desperately you want to be successful in any endeavour, it is clear that the path isn’t always simply laid out straight in front of you. Probably the most uncomfortable feeling, is when you know you have made progress towards an important goal, but then, things get in the way. It’s called life. As a martial artist I have found this happen to me more times than I care to......

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Functionality In Martial Skill Has No Allegiance!

As simple as this is going to sound, if you training in some form of martial arts, and if what you are training/learning as a fighting approach doesn't look similar to what you do when you are working against an uncooperative, resisting opponent — you may want to reconsider the validity of what you are spending your time in training. While this may be a simple definition of functionality, it is often lost in the world of stylised martial art systems. At its heart all martial......

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