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The Stoic Warrior: 6 Lessons From Seneca To Supercharge Your Martial Arts Game

1. “Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.” ― Seneca

Obstacles are built into the very fabric of success. Rather than seeing an obstacle as a stumbling block or a failure, see it as an opportunity to discover your best game. Success requires difficulties, not a smooth road.


2. “The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden.” ― Seneca, Natural Questions


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Why Your Primal Nature is More Than Just War!

More than a decade ago I was obsessed with functionality in my martial arts training. Part of this was driven by the real necessity to know how to fight to survive, and part was driven my childhood trauma. I abandoned everything else martial arts had to offer me, in search for the truth in hand to hand combat. Through those years of testing, experimenting and fighting — I believe I succeeded in finding a method that works in almost all interpersonal aggressive encounters. I proved it out on the streets,......

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Longevity: To Fuck with What Anyone Has To Say About It

A topic like this needs a STRONG headline. But it’s an absolutely important topic to write about. I have noted it before, but I think it needs readdressing, because sadly, I still see way to many people thinking that it will never happen to them. I have been practicing martial arts professionally for more than two and a half decades. I started teaching Karate at 16. As a young adult I spent several years outside some of the roughest nightclubs in the world. Over that period, I was conservatively......

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How You Manage Your Life, Predicts How Your Game Will Unfold

I have written extensively about martial arts as a catalyst for personal mastery in life. Yet, the opposite is equally true. How you show up in life, is how you will show up on the mat. I believe the mat, and life, or life and the mat are in a constant symbiotic relationship. They are both reliable on each other to be successful. I am the kind of person that feels success is never by accident, but rather by design. While this design may not always be explicit or......

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