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No Such Thing As Old School Jiu-Jitsu

There’s a contemporary statement made of late where people refer to old school jiu-jitsu as a way of distinguishing it from the modern interpretation of the sport. In the modern vernacular, strategies such as berimbolo, 50/50 guard, and the rise in lower body attacks (i.e., ankle locks, knee bars etc) have ushered in the era of what is defined as new school jiu-jitsu. While there is no single answer to the reason for this direction in the ground game, part of it stems from rule changes in competition. For those......

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Will This Work in a Fight? It Depends!

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive a personal message on Facebook from someone in the world wanting some advice on improving their game. When I reply that it’s difficult for me to give a definitive answer, I get the sense that the person on the other side feels disappointed. In a world consumed by factory martial arts, with neatly packaged answers to every single possible interpersonal violent encounter, I am not surprised by this reaction.

Two Types of Questions

These questions usually come in two......

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Most People Who Teach Martial Arts Are Afraid of the Fight!

With all the health issues I have had with my neck over the past few years, I could quit easily sit on the sidelines and tell my students what to do. I could quit easily use it as a convenient excuse not to play the game anymore. Although there are days I am forced to be on the sidelines when my neck flares up, most of the time, ninety percent of the time, you will find me on the mat rolling and sparring with my students. It’s tough too.......

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Fighting to Survive: It's Not What You Think It Is!

You may have heard the metaphor, “The map is not the territory”. The phrase was coined by Alfred Korzybski, a Polish-American independent scholar who developed a field called general semantics, where he applied it to illustrate the differences between belief and reality. As such reality exists outside our mind, but we can construct models of this 'territory' based on what we glimpse through our senses. This is often no different to how people approach the topic of ‘self-defense’. In this sense, an instructor conjures up a belief of a......

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