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The Dangers of Killer Instinct


The vast consumption of reality based self defence programs are not by military, law enforcement, or occupations that deal with interpersonal violence on a regular basis — but rather civilians. Civilians by their very nature, and at least in the relative safety of the Western world have very little experience with interpersonal violence, outside of Hollywood's depiction of it. Added to this, there is an uneasy truth that is often not spoken openly about in the world of ‘self-defence marketing’  — that......

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3 Things To Know To Survive a Stand-Up Altercation!

When it comes to self-preservation there are several patterns that unfold contextually. What defines the context is what unfolds around it (or you). Is this a one-on-one altercation standing up, on the ground etc? Depending on where one finds oneself will define the pattern that emerges. In self-preservation the pattern of events in other words, defines the context within which a person must work to survive. For the purpose of this article (and hopefully one of a series) I want to explore the pattern of a stand up fight,......

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You Can’t ‘Escape’ Evolutionary Defence

There is a reason that both wrestling and boxing are likely the two oldest forms of martial arts on this planet. Simply, they tend to work with evolution not against it. Unless you encounter an alien with four arms, and four legs, along with a completely different physiology, all humans respond to interpersonal violence in very much the same way. Yet nowhere does the human species try to ‘escape’ evolution than in the world of reality based self defence and traditional forms of martial arts. Martial arts in general has......

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Reality Fighting on The Brain

Chances are that you don’t have to defend yourself on a daily basis from criminals (unless that's your job). Yet, have you ever considered, that by engaging in reality based self-defence training may not be as positive as it first appears? The truth is, many reality based schools of thought believe that the closer they can get you to experience the realities of a real interpersonal violent encounter in training — the more prepared you will be to handle such a situation. Elaborate drills are concocted......

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