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The Fallacy of ‘No Fear’ in the Fight

I am telling you up front, this is going to be a long article. There’s no way around it unfortunately. This is an important, and mostly misunderstood subject in the world of interpersonal violence. As such it needs some serious unpacking. While this article may not answer all on this topic, I hope at the very least it’s a start. If you sincere about wanting to train for interpersonal violence, and by the end of the article you agree with my argument, consider joining us in 2018 for our revamped self-preservation programs......

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How The Modern World is Making You Lose Your Spidey Sense

Last week while running a training event at Google and AirBnB I made a prediction. In the coming decade, what we are going to most struggle with in the Western world, the thing that will be most evident (if it isn’t already) is our lack of general awareness in everyday life. I don’t mean focus that leads to concentration. It is clear that given something a person values to do (even if it is some silly game with no real point), that people can, if needed focus intently on the task at......

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The Bullshit of 'Defending' the Sucker Punch

I edited the video out in this article, because I don't feel like dealing with the 'martial' trolls. But what I saw on a recent video on dealing with a 'sucker punch' astounded me. People teach things in 'self-defense' without even understanding the premise behind what they are actually teaching against. Point in case, if you talk about the sucker punch, which is a very real threat when we talk about self-preservation, you can't then go on to teach, how you would then defend said sucker punch with a defensive hand motion. Why? It seems......

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Adapt or Die: A Self-Preservation Training Paradigm Shift

Training martial skills so that you can effectively deploy those skills when it matters most in self preservation — are thoughts that occupy most students and instructors minds. This is natural, as no one wants to find themselves in the midst of interpersonal aggression, only then to find that those martial skills you so diligently practiced, night after night, week in and week out, end up failing you. As a coach of self-preservation I am well aware of my responsibility to my students who not only put their trust in me. Equally their......

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