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The Bullshit of 'Defending' the Sucker Punch

I edited the video out in this article, because I don't feel like dealing with the 'martial' trolls. But what I saw on a recent video on dealing with a 'sucker punch' astounded me. People teach things in 'self-defense' without even understanding the premise behind what they are actually teaching against. Point in case, if you talk about the sucker punch, which is a very real threat when we talk about self-preservation, you can't then go on to teach, how you would then defend said sucker punch with a defensive hand motion. Why? It seems......

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The Stoic Warrior: 6 Lessons From Seneca To Supercharge Your Martial Arts Game

1. “Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.” ― Seneca

Obstacles are built into the very fabric of success. Rather than seeing an obstacle as a stumbling block or a failure, see it as an opportunity to discover your best game. Success requires difficulties, not a smooth road.

2. “The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden.” ― Seneca, Natural Questions


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Is The Term ‘Martial Arts’ to Constricting?

I have been having loads of discussions with my students lately before class. One topic that has come up repeatedly, is the question,

“How do I define what I do?”

For a long time, I would simply reply, “I am a martial arts coach.” But increasingly I feel this term doesn’t fully encapsulate what I am about (now), and where I intend to go in the future, or even for that matter what I really feel is the ultimate utility of the expression to......

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Surviving The Toe-To-Toe in a Fight

One of the most important skills to learn is to know how to fight out of the pocket. This applies in my opinion not only to sparring (where you train to get it right), but equally when we talk about self preservation. When you fighting from a distance, you can use that distance to control the pace of the fight. When you are in the clinch, you can use controls to slow down the fight. But in the pocket, is where non of these are possible. The......

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