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Monkey-Jits (BJJ) Operating System for Trainers

Monkey-Jits (BJJ) Operating System for Trainers

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The Monkey-Jits (BJJ) Operating System is the core foundational curriculum that we first coach to all our students in our various Monkey Jits Garages and Academies around the world. The MJ-OS consists of 33 blocks, each containing essential components of the Jiu-Jitsu game. Crucially our approach to Jiu-Jitsu honors a self-preservation approach. To find out more about the Monkey-Jits (BJJ) Trainers program, and how to join, click the button below. FIND OUT HOW TO SIGN UP HERE
Getting Started With Monkey-Jits OS For Trainers Flow Block 1: Street Takedowns Flow Block 2: Street Standing Submissions Flow Block 3: Keeping The Fight Standing Flow Block 4: Surviving The Takedown & Safety Stand Flow Block 5: Surviving the Closed Striking Guard Flow Block 6: Passing The Guard Techniques & Concepts Flow Block 7: Countering 4P Passes Flow Block 8: Full Half Guard & Escapes Flow Block 9: Sweeps From The Bottom Guard Flow Block 10: 5P Top Side-Control Flow Block 11: Escaping 5P Side-Control Flow Block 12: 5S Side-Control Submissions Flow Block 13: Scarf Holds, Escapes & Submissions Flow Block 14: Knee-Ride Flow Block 15: Knee-Ride Submissions Flow Block 16: North-South Positional Control Flow Block 17: North-South Submissions Flow Block 18: Escaping North-South Flow Block 19: Gaining & Capturing The Mount Flow Block 20: Primary Mount Submissions Flow Block 21: Escaping The Mount Flow Block 22: Top-Game Macro Flow Flow Block 23: Holding Side-Mount Flow Block 24: Side-Mount Submissions Flow Block 25: Side-Mount Escapes Flow Block 26: Gaining & Controlling The Back Mount Flow Block 27: Back Mount Escapes Flow Block 28: Back Mount Submissions Flow Block 29: Controlling Turtle Position Flow Block 30: Turtle Position Escapes Flow Block 31: Turtle Position Submissions Flow Block 32: Guard Recovery Strategy Flow Block 33: Surviving The Bottom in Self-Preservation Student Evaluation Criteria

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