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Weaponize Your Body Self-Preservation Course

Weaponize Your Body Self-Preservation Course

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In this online course Rodney tackles the difficult topic of self-preservation. Often complicated further by lies and half truths. The reality of self-preservation cannot be neatly contained in seven moves to kicking anyone's ass. In this online course, Rodney attempts to demystify the realities of self-preservation from the often Hollywood portrayed fantasy world of reality based self-defense. As with all of Rodney's online courses this one will evolve. What is available at present, will be added to, refined and continue to develop. The current course runs for close on 8h:30min of instruction and covers,
  • Pre-conflict considerations.
  • Controlling and securing your safety at a distance.
  • How to survive the midline assault.
  • Defending the clinch fight
  • An introduction to surviving EDGED weapons.
  • Defending against a firearm (COMING IN NOVEMBER 2018)
  • Making training real with focus mitts (COMING IN DECEMER 2018)
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Disclaimer Introduction to the Course Setting The Terrain Safety @ a Distance Surviving The Midline Surviving at Close Quarters EDGED Weapon Defense

What Others Have Said

Great Course
By: ske-thai

I have seen almost all of Rodneys videos during the years. The way CM teaches boxing has been my go too everytime I coach a beginner in Muay Thai at my club. This course is a step beyond and almost a must watch even if you been traning for a long time. Its really worth the amount of money it costs just for one section of the course. Simple and effective selfdefence don´t get any better then this.

The Best Overview of Real-World Self Defense You Can Get
By: Tim Jones

There are loads of options out there for self defense instructionals, but I have yet to see a course as well-rounded and comprehensive as this one. Not only does Rodney demonstrate and teach the physical skills necessary to survive a violent encounter, but he also covers vital information about what to do AND SAY before a confrontation becomes physical that is often given lip service but never covered in this sort of details. In addition, this course contains a solid introduction to the EDGE bladed weapon defense system - this could easily have been sold as a seperate product and its inclusion here makes getting this program a no-brainer!

Weaponize Your Body..Great Course!
By: howardehunt

In my opinion, the course Weaponize Your Body is an outstanding program. Rodney King has put together the mindset and concepts that every person should have to protect themselves. I would highly recommend this program to everyone. I have taken many courses over the years to improve my ability to protect myself. This course went beyond my expectations.

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  1. Looking forward to this course!

  2. Looking to become more of a monkey adding this to bkb Thanks coach

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