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How You Show Up Matters, More Than You Think!

I grew up on the South Side of Johannesburg in government housing (similar to the Projects in the USA). It was very clear to me early on, that how smart you were was irrelevant, and how tough you were was all that mattered. I was a sensitive child, and a creative soul — yet found myself plunged into what seemed eternal darkness. When I wasn’t being harassed by the school bullies, I was planning safe routes to get home by avoiding the......

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How to Achieve a Zen Mind in Everyday Life!

The human mind is a time traveler. Much of its waking moments, and even when it is dreaming, are spent either thinking about tomorrow, or longing for yesterday. And there is nothing wrong with that. We need to project into the future where all our dreams lay, and reflecting on the past hopefully will help us avoid the same mistakes from yesterday.

But while this time traveling mind is useful, and even necessary, too much of it can shade the very beauty that lies......

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Unlimited Resolve: Beyond Feeling Good For the Moment!

Cruising around YouTube I came across a very well known motivational, self help speaker. I began watching, because just like everyone else, I am always looking for an edge in life. Ten minutes in, I was struck by something that I had often thought of previous times when watching these kinds of talks. Everyone is glowing, excited, energised, and in the moment — but I am left wondering what do they look like on Monday, after the ecstasy of the happy chemical cocktail that......

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The Barefoot Martial Artist: Why Taking Your Shoes Off, Is Good For You!

When I first started training martial arts as a kid in Karate, the thing I noticed first was that all training was done barefoot. The beautiful thing about martial arts in general, is that unlike many other sports and hobbies all you really need in order to train and to enjoy the experience is your body. Equipment when I first began training over 3-decades ago was optional. And to be honest, if done right, it still is today.  

A Naturalistic Approach

This naturalistic experience of the......

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